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The Art of Duplicity

Twenty-seven years ago I promised a convicted felon I would store her art collection until her son would take for it for her. This collection is not some small assembling of prints or photos. The collection includes seven oil paintings, some as large as a doorway.  There are wall-size Georgia O’Keefe-type flowers bursting in reds …

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Earn REAL Income Selling Art Online

How often have you told someone that you are an artist and seen sparkles of envy and desire in their eyes? To them, being an artist is the stuff of dreams… but for many of us who are walking that path; it is also the source of our financial nightmares. I believe the life-journey of …

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Compassion in Contemporary Art

“Contemporary art” is another one of those terms that covers a wide variety of art. The best definition of “contemporary” is the work of any living artist, though the term has also been used to mean art that you would go beyond. This sense of contemporary is more like the term “modern,” in that it …

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Art Galleries in London

The city of London has loads to offer art lovers and the best thing is that it is virtually all free to explore. The art industry is huge in Britain, with collections from artists all over the world available to view in London’s galleries and at exhibitions. The city is also home to a lot …

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How to Get Your Art Seen

Hopefully the portrait of the tortured artist, struggling to get by, misunderstood with no one appreciating their talent, is a stereotype which bears little truth in reality. That being said, it is extremely difficult for undiscovered artists to earn a living from their art. In some cases it can take years, where others sadly never …

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Artist’s Guide For Selecting Good Art Gallery on Internet

Organizing an Art Exhibition in a city needs a full fledge event management process and requires lots if money and time. Budding artists find it very difficult and surprisingly many of them gave up at the beginning itself. Internet is a sea of information and services and there are lots of services available for artists …

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