Earn REAL Income Selling Art Online

How often have you told someone that you are an artist and seen sparkles of envy and desire in their eyes? To them, being an artist is the stuff of dreams… but for many of us who are walking that path; it is also the source of our financial nightmares.

I believe the life-journey of an artist is more of a ‘calling’ than a ‘choosing’. We don’t wake up one day and say “I think I’ll become an artist – that sounds like fun!” The reality of this choice is far from the fairy-tale dreams that others imagine. It is like harboring a Demon of Desire whose lust for creation can never be quenched. In truth, being an artist often seems more like an addiction than a career choice.

Why would any sane person do this? Because for those of us who have donned the yoke of an artist… it is our joy! Nothing in life compares to the sweet surrender of the creative process. It is a time of peace beyond knowing and single-minded focus that cannot be achieved elsewhere. It is the reason we came into this lifetime and what motivates us to keep going even when surrender seems like the logical choice.

As artists, we are not creatures of logic. We are wizards of imagination driven to re-create the world around us though our own unique visions, enslaved by our desires to share our message with the world, and more often than not, poorly compensated for our expertise and the artwork we create.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if artists could earn real income doing what they love? Wouldn’t it be even better if that artist was you?

In the ‘olden days’ of the brick-and-mortar world the options for selling artwork were limited, expensive and very time consuming. To even hope for a chance at becoming a profitable artist you had to enter your artwork in juried art shows, submit portfolios to galleries and hope for acceptance, or convince local restaurants and shops to allow you to display and sell your art at their establishments, for a commission of course.

Did you know that most galleries want a 50% or better commission and require you to frame your work according to their requirements? Often the artist is also required to pay for the gallery advertising as well.

So given the cost of framing alone, how many paintings would you have to sell before you earn a profit?

The good news is that today, with the advantage of online marketing, there is an easier, cheaper, and better way to sell your artwork. Today you can do it all yourself without paying high commissions to someone else.

That’s the good news. The bad news is that there are millions of artists out there trying to do just that and the art market is saturated.

So what will it take for you to rise above the masses and successfully sell your artwork online?

It takes knowledge. You must learn and apply internet marketing skills to transform your dream into reality. It isn’t hard when you know what to do, but it does take perseverance and time.