Art Imagery Can Increase Personal Enjoyment

In our living room, hanging on ornamental chains from the cathedral ceiling, is a matted and framed 16″ x 20″ print of a picture that I took some time ago. The subject is a pair of wild Canada Geese in silhouette, circling each other, together with their reflections, on a pond. Behind them, at the shoreline, is a background of silhouetted leaves pierced by God-beams at dawn spilling across the water and the two birds. I have always enjoyed looking at it. Why is that? For one thing, it captures a moment at my favorite time of day, which is early morning. And, for another thing, the visual wonders provided by sunlight, mist and water, are three of my favorite things. I can’t put into words the feelings that they evoke within me. And the birds swimming together express an ideal that my wife Joan and I both share, of life-long partnerships.

I cite my experience with that picture, certain that many others doubtless derive similar thoughts and feelings from their favorite artwork, to demonstrate that there is great enjoyment to be had from art you personally love. Do you have such works of art – art you love – in your personal spaces? You really should. Think about the benefits. For starters, there’s enjoyment.

But art you love also provides riches of pure pleasure. A piece of art that seems to you a perfect artistic expression can bring many moments of simple delight. Isn’t that something worthwhile and desirable? With today’s world and the sort of news we are constantly being bombarded with, there is a need to actively seek out, and have around us, things that bring us pleasure. Art you love can do that.

From Art You Love: Affirmation & Emotional Fuel

Art you love serves to remind you of your better personal traits, values, and beliefs – it is an affirmation of your personal worth. And it provides emotional fuel for living: inspiration & motivation by bringing back special past events, pointing out possible future actions, things you cherish and believe in, or seek and strive for; stress relief & energy by helping you relax or, alternatively, become energized. It contributes to that essential part of human nature that goes beyond the physical and material, a part that you really should nurture and provide for.

Art You Love: Finding & Collecting It

So, when you go shopping for artwork to decorate the walls of your personal spaces you really are doing yourself a disservice if you are guided solely by whether or not their colors coordinate with the drapes, furnishings and floors. You need to select favorite artwork, in other words subjects and themes that have real meaning and significance for you. Things that you identify with and relate to, that express who and what you really are. In other words, art you love and get an uplift from.

Gathering a collection of such artwork, to use throughout your personal spaces, need not be expensive. At any nearby decorative arts store you’ll find a great number of catalogues available for browsing. They’ll show an almost endless assortment of art images, many available as inexpensive posters, etc. Or, you can do a search online if you prefer. Just remember, you’re seeking images that really ‘grab’ you, that definitely boost your enjoyment and pleasure.

Art You Love: Getting The Most From It

Are you deriving all the benefits possible from the art in your personal spaces? Or, is there something you can yet do to get more advantages from it? Yes, there probably is. First off, you need to look at it with an active mind: take the time to study the details, ask yourself vital questions about it, identify the themes and meaning expressed. Keep in mind, greater awareness on your part leads to greater enjoyment, pleasure and sense of refreshment, renewal from the art you love.

When I finish this article, I will be going upstairs into our living room and relaxing for a few moments with a glass of wine, and that picture I spoke of at the outset. Looking at it once again will help me relax, experience some enjoyment, and replenish my vitality for what lies ahead tomorrow. I know that art you love can do the same for you. Art imagery can, and will, increase your personal enjoyment in living.