The Art of Duplicity

Twenty-seven years ago I promised a convicted felon I would store her art collection until her son would take for it for her.

This collection is not some small assembling of prints or photos. The collection includes seven oil paintings, some as large as a doorway.  There are wall-size Georgia O’Keefe-type flowers bursting in reds and orange magnificence.

The most interesting piece is a United Press International photo of Jackie Kennedy walking on the beach in Hyannis Port, MA, taken in 1972. On the back of the frame is the original type written report from the press photographer.

How this photo got into the hands of a potential presidential assassin is curious? I wish I knew. The story of the Jackie photo and the history of many other pieces of the art collection are still unknown to me.

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Earn REAL Income Selling Art Online

How often have you told someone that you are an artist and seen sparkles of envy and desire in their eyes? To them, being an artist is the stuff of dreams… but for many of us who are walking that path; it is also the source of our financial nightmares.

I believe the life-journey of an artist is more of a ‘calling’ than a ‘choosing’. We don’t wake up one day and say “I think I’ll become an artist – that sounds like fun!” The reality of this choice is far from the fairy-tale dreams that others imagine. It is like harboring a Demon of Desire whose lust for creation can never be quenched. In truth, being an artist often seems more like an addiction than a career choice.

Why would any sane person do this? Because for those of us who have donned the yoke of an artist… it is our joy! Nothing in life compares to the sweet surrender of the creative process. It is a time of peace beyond knowing and single-minded focus that cannot be achieved elsewhere. It is the reason we came into this lifetime and what motivates us to keep going even when surrender seems like the logical choice.

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Compassion in Contemporary Art

“Contemporary art” is another one of those terms that covers a wide variety of art. The best definition of “contemporary” is the work of any living artist, though the term has also been used to mean art that you would go beyond. This sense of contemporary is more like the term “modern,” in that it means the opposite of “traditional.”. Here another rare talent Jayadev Biswal is showing his exceptional art skill with those very special canvases.

Jayadev’s lush, exotic and luminous textures sprawl somewhere between the sonic freefall of bloody Valentine, folktronica, famous dutch landscapes and a hymnal, Spiritualized-ish quality, but always with an eye on beyond and subtlety. Despite his preference for tweed and brogues, The Young Jayadev is just another exponent of brittle Indian new-wave upcoming contemporary artist with attitude. There are a million ways to combine concept, style and technique, but the Young Jayadev seems to interested in discovering any uniqness from them, to play with them and if you visit his workplace ,you just cann’t deny all these arguments, he is surely one of upcoming mainline young painter in Indian contemporary art market now, just looking like using all his Borodian skill to amaze art lovers and art critics.This most recent work ‘COMPASSION’ indicates his new development of supra-national power structures and the radical social changes.

While global cities are forming into a new economic world order, capital, people, ideas, pictures, and goods move around the world with ever-increasing speed, setting up a network of communication, production, and consumption that spans all continents,Young Jayadev Biswal is looking to add some more features towards its rapidical progress.He is coming with some new contemporary concepts with amazing handelling and flowless coloring techniques on canvases.

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Art Galleries in London

The city of London has loads to offer art lovers and the best thing is that it is virtually all free to explore. The art industry is huge in Britain, with collections from artists all over the world available to view in London’s galleries and at exhibitions. The city is also home to a lot of British art, so when you are next in the capital why not check some of it out.

There are a range of galleries to choose from. The Tate Modern, which is found on the South Bank of the Thames, has the world’s biggest collection of Modern Art. Its free to enter and has two huge floors which contain a range of art work including abstract pieces, such as piles of bricks and canvases with random splodges of paint.

There is the national gallery on the north side of Trafalgar Square. It has a wide collection of Western European art which dates back to from the middle ages, to the early 20th century. Again it is free to enter and with so much on offer it is worth splitting your visit into two trips.

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How to Get Your Art Seen

Hopefully the portrait of the tortured artist, struggling to get by, misunderstood with no one appreciating their talent, is a stereotype which bears little truth in reality. That being said, it is extremely difficult for undiscovered artists to earn a living from their art. In some cases it can take years, where others sadly never achieve the recognition they deserve. Don’t be despondent, however, there are ways to get your art seen. Here are a few great ideas from other artists.

Visit galleries and art fairs. Show your work to anyone you can find, you never know, someone might be interested. Ask the organisers how you could go about displaying your work or send an enquiry, including samples and information about your work.

Sell your art at local markets and craft shows. Keep your prices realistic and make sure you have business cards ready to hand out to browsers. You could even contact the town newspaper for some self-promotion.

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Artist’s Guide For Selecting Good Art Gallery on Internet

Organizing an Art Exhibition in a city needs a full fledge event management process and requires lots if money and time. Budding artists find it very difficult and surprisingly many of them gave up at the beginning itself. Internet is a sea of information and services and there are lots of services available for artists also. There are some good online art galleries available on internet but it is always better to go for a survey before buying or renting an Online Art Gallery. The survey may be taken with keeping the following in mind:

1.Reputation of the website: There is a huge number of websites available on internet but very few of them deal with artwork or gallery services. It is better to select a website which deals exclusively in art and gallery services in stead of going for a big online shop. For an example, if you are looking for an electronic item say a digital camera and you have two places to visit for a buy. One is a big departmental store which sells digital cameras also and other is an exclusive showroom for digital cameras only. Which shop gives you the best buy? Of course an exclusive showroom for digital cameras. The same way it is always advisable to go for a good website which exclusively deals with artworks.

2.Other associated services: There are few good websites available online which apart from providing online art galleries offer a series of associated services which an artist may need. For an example, a website providing a database of suppliers of art materials like oil paints, thinners, brushes, canvas, framing services, papers, other raw materials, contact information of nearest art galleries, etc. will definitely help a lot. These website become a dream destination for an artist.

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